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Before we can put the itchy hands of our designers and developers to work on a new website, we first talk to the applicant. A successful website is one with focus. In this blog we take you through why, how and which different goals you can set for your website.

What makes my website successful?

A website can only function properly if you set goals for it. I even put it a little bit harder: for a website to be successful, you have to set at least one primary goal. This is a┬áSMART formulated goal that follows from your business strategy. In this way you bring focus to your website – not only in web design, but also in all your content creation.

In both areas it is important to know where you want to send the user and what you want him or her to do there. You do this with objectives; concrete, user-dependent interpretation of the goal, determined per target group. What do you expect from your different users? To make that measurable, we draw up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

What metrics should you consider?

This allows us to determine in advance at which point or under what condition (s) your primary website goal has been achieved. A concrete dot on the horizon, and a checkmark to determine when the champagne may be popped.

What is my primary purpose?

Before you can take the steps to a measurable scale, you must of course determine that primary goal. You want to take your website visitor by the hand so that they can solve their problems quickly and you get results. But user-friendliness is not a goal; that is a condition. What is your goal then? With web routes , we always assume (a variant of) the following five website goals:

  • Informing, When your primary goal is to inform , your website will mainly focus on advice and information sharing. The focus on the website will be on clicking through to the different pages and making it as easy as possible for the visitor to find the right information.
  • Service, If you focus on service, your website will mainly focus on unburdening and connecting the visitor to the correct service. This website is all about increasing customer satisfaction and helping visitors quickly.
  • Lead generation, If your website has the primary goal of generating leads , you mainly focus on acquiring new customers. How you best do this can be determined over time with all kinds of objectives. An advantage of websites is that they can always continue to develop. Vary your website’s capabilities to test what works for your target audience and adjust to increase your conversion rate.
  • Sales, If you have an e-commerce website, it is obvious that your primary goal is to sell products (or services). The different pages will be designed to increase the sales of your products.
  • Branding, Finally, we mention branding as a primary website target. This is all about promoting loyalty and working with your website mainly on reputation management. You want to include the visitor in the story of your organization.
The best webdesign can only be planned AFTER the targets have been identified.

How do I make my website successful?

To give a practical interpretation to the setting of website target (s), we have developed a target board session at White Label Websites Gold Coast. In this workshop we take a step back together with the customer to first determine what the goals of the website are, who the target group is and which functionalities you then need to achieve those goals with those audiences.

Remember that your website exists to help your organization move forward. Beautiful pictures and a slick design can definitely help, but will not have the first focus. We hope that when you start working with your website, you do not first wonder what color your buttons should be or which photo best suits your story, but that you first take a step back to be targeted from there. to shoot.

To work

Time to get started with your website! Is it clear what your website should achieve? Or do you want more information about our target board session? Download our product sheet via the form below, or let us know directly how we can help you.