wordpress security
How To Secure Your WordPress Webiste

Secure your WordPress website . Not the first thing you think of when you start creating your WordPress website yourself. However, it is necessary to do this. By properly securing your site you prevent uninvited guests; hackers who use your website to send SPAM, for example. You can read how to do this in this extensive article about securing WordPress websites .
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Costs Of Maintaining A WordPress Website

We are regularly asked whether we also maintain WordPress websites and what the costs are there. It is also asked whether maintenance of a WordPress website is necessary. Let me answer the second question first, YES! No maintenance on a car is bad for the engine, which is also the case with WordPress. If you don’t regularly check your website with WordPress, annoying things can happen. You can also maintain your WordPress website yourself. After a while you will notice that a new version of WordPress is out and that there are updates for the plugins you use. Of course you will go a long way to click on the update on the left.
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