We are regularly asked whether we also maintain WordPress websites and what the costs are there. It is also asked whether maintenance of a WordPress website is necessary. Let me answer the second question first, YES! No maintenance on a car is bad for the engine, which is also the case with WordPress. If you don’t regularly check your website with WordPress, annoying things can happen. You can also maintain your WordPress website yourself. After a while you will notice that a new version of WordPress is out and that there are updates for the plugins you use. Of course you will go a long way to click on the update on the left.

WordPress website has stopped working

After a few updates you will notice that you can no longer change certain parts of your website. Or worse, if you haven’t done an update for a while: that your website has been hacked. In the previous weeks we have had both one and the other situation going on and been able to solve them (after all, this is our profession). It could be worse, if your WordPress websites are hacked, it can be placed on a Blacklist, so that your email will no longer arrive at your customers, because of that Blacklist. If you can handle this, that is fine, but most entrepreneurs are good at what the entrepreneur does and that is entrepreneurship in his or her profession. Adapting a website is the last thing on your mind. In such cases you need a web design agency that can maintain your WordPress websites .

What is the advantage of outsourcing?

In addition to all backups and updates, you will also receive advice from us about plugins to use. Plugins that are no longer tracked may be outdated and no longer work with the latest WordPress version. There are also plugins that conflict with one another or ‘eat’ too much memory limit, so you suddenly (and unnecessarily) suddenly have to buy a more expensive hosting package.

If you outsource the maintenance, it will all be arranged for you, you will always receive correct advice from us and good instruction when installing a new / replacement plugin. And you have knowledge of the latest features that WordPress can offer for your website / company.
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Often there is also a maintenance contract with the option to have your content edited for a small amount more (such as with us), such as uploading photos and installing extra options. Here we come to the first question: “What does a maintenance contract for a WordPress website cost”.

What is the maintenance of a WordPress website

We offer the possibility to our customers to maintain the website, here we do the maintenance of plugins, WordPress itself and much more:

WordPress Maintenance Subscription

  • Installation of BruteProtect and wp-login rename (this to counter hack attacks, such as the BruteForce Attacks)
  • Backup the database
  • Backup the most important files (in consultation)
  • Upgrade from WordPress
  • Upgrade of plugins
  • Cleaning up spam messages
  • Clean up database overhead
  • Optimization database

Costs from $ 159 per quarter *

The WordPress Maintenance and Support Subscription

  • WordPress Maintenance Subscription
  • WordPress support
  • Installation of plugins on request
  • Minor changes to the theme on request
  • Editing and maintenance of the content, such as adding / changing texts, photos, videos, etc.

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Costs from $ 350 per year. With the WordPress Maintenance Subscription you can purchase a number of hours of support. The minimum number of hours that you can purchase is 2, for $ 75 per hour. Different rates apply for making major changes to the theme, or for completely changing the theme. You can request these on request.

The subscription prices do not include the license costs of premium plugins. Most premium plug-in licenses are valid for 1 year and need to be renewed at a (often) discounted rate. Without a valid license, the plugin may be used, but it can no longer be updated. It is possible that after an update of WordPress a plugin will no longer work because an update contains adjustments for the new version of WordPress. The license prices differ per plugin. If you have purchased the plugin yourself, you need to extend the license yourself. If the plugin is obtained through us, the license renewal costs will be included in the billing.

The subscriptions start with a fully updated website. Depending on the backlog of the updates, we will charge extra hours for updating the website. If changes are made to the website after the subscription has started (new plugins, functional changes in the theme, changes in WordPress files) that cause problems during an update, solving those problems is at your own risk. In case of major changes, it may be decided to set up a copy site before the update to test the consequences of the update, before they are executed on the live site. Setting up a copy site is not covered by the standard maintenance subscription.

Prices are excl. 10% GST. Pay per quarter or per year.

* The price of $ 159 per quarter applies to a standard website. A different rate applies to web shops with WooCommerce. This depends on the theme used, number of products and extensions used. A different rate also applies to websites with plugins that require special attention. In order to test the updates properly, we first make a test environment for these websites on which we carry out the updates. Please contact us and we will make a quotation.